Dynamical HTML in MS-Explorer 4.0


Dynamical HTML is initially supporting two data providers:

  • Advanced Data Connector (ADC) and
  • Tabular Data Control (TDC) with CSV files as a datasource.
    The ADC will support notifications for changes to the current record position. The Tabular Data providers will not. For Simple Tabular Data providers, Dynamical HTML will provide a mechanism to supply current record notifications when the position changes.
    This is only a suggestion for the new HTML standard, and the proposal is sendt to W3C for approval. Only the first methode (TDC) is demonstrated here. Only table elements can be repeated in beta1 of MS-Explorer 4.0.

    Example 1
    In this example the page will change when you scroll through the dataset, without refresh
    Click here to look at the datafile

    Example 2
    This example creates a table from the datafil data.txt. Sort, filter and 'find' data without re-reading the dataset.
    Click here to look at the datafile

    Example 3
    This example shows how to explode and implode text
    (this methode do not allow use of datafil)

    How to create a datafile

    Position text blocks

    Example 4
    How give the text relative positioning
    How give the text absolute positioning
    PR for HTML - sliding absolute positioning

    From the hompage of Espen Joranger