The Frog

by Espen Joranger

Once upon a time, there lived a little frog in a little well, together with other frogs, and they were doing what frogs normally do. One day, the little frog heard about an ocean far away, bigger than the well - without any other frogs. The little frog decided to go and look for the ocean. After awhile, the little frog arrived at the ocean and was immediately fascinated by it. He could sit for hours and hours just looking out over the enormous ocean, dreaming about what was on the other side and on the bottom of it. Now and then, ships arrived with sailors that told stories about strange countries from unknown parts of the world. But frequently the little frog had to return to the well to get food. He wanted to tell the other frogs about the ocean, but they could not understand that there was something bigger than the little well. They did not see the purpose in knowing more about the ocean - there was no food there. They knew that there were other wells with other frogs, but they also knew that a frogs should play only with frogs like themselves.

The little frog was disappointed and traveled to the ocean as often as he could . The sailors names` were Tolstoy, Dostojevskij, Ibsen, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Hume, Lock, Rossou, and Fichte. The ocean was philosophy, and the countries on the other side of the ocean were conceptions like moral, freedom and logic.

Moral: Don't speak about the ocean, with a frog sitting in a well

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