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Egyptian mystery
Prehistoric - 950 bc
The greatness of Greek and Roman power
The Antique
The Middle Age
The Bronzeage
The Iron Age
The Viking Age
The Middle Age
The Union with Denmark
776bc - 1450
The darknes of the middle age
Age of Enlightment
The Union with Denmark
1455 - 1793
Time of inventions
The New Age
Union with Denmark
Union with Sweden
Dissolving of the Union and Independence
World War
After the war

1800 - 1993

The timetables will give a nice overview of the events and important literary/philosophical contribution to the western culture.
Date indicates when the event started. Country indicates the country where the person (literary/philosophical) came from.

The persons are in the order of where they were born, and are connected to a period of when they where active writers or philosophers.

Quotations about «History»

History is the best teacher with the most ignorant pupils

Indira Gandhi

It is a mistake if a nation believes that it can take holiday from history

Charles de Gaulle

You have to overview 6000 years of history to understand the moment

Johann W. von Gothe

Friedrich Hegel once remarked that all big events in world history repeat themselves. He forgot to add: the first time as a tragedy, the second time as a farce

Karl Marx

What is history but a fable agreed upon?


History is a collection of coins and useless trifles, decorated with a number of useless figures and strange names

Lev Tolstoy

An historican is a reporter that was not there when it all happend

George Bernard Shaw

One should expect from a historican that he is not having any imagination

Henry Beyle

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