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BooksEspen Joranger Quotation collection  The frog Piken med vaffelhjertet
Oscar Wilde for individualism with socialism
BooksPlato The republic Quotations
BooksOscar Wilde The picture of Dorian Gray Quotations
BooksLev Tolstoy The confession Krukke-Alosja Epilouge to the Kreutzer Sonata
BooksJohann W. von Goethe Faust Quotations
BooksSnorre Sturlavson Håvamål
BooksHenrik Ibsen Peer Gynt Terje Wigen Forviklinger
A dollhouse The wilde duck Quotations
BooksBjørnstjerne Bjørnson Quotations
BooksClaus Frimann The song of the birkebeiner
BooksNiccolò Machiavelli The prince Quotations
BooksThomas Jefferson Quotations
BooksT.S Eliot The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Quotations
BooksWilliam Shakespeare Collected works & quotations
BooksDan Quayle Quotations
BooksMisc. Last word on death bed Histrorical timetable Deep Thoughts
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